Bruno Dickems

Bruno Dickems' details

  • October 4, 1985
  • Bayamon, Puerto Rico
  • 154lb
  • 5'10"


Bruno Dickems always knew he was destined to be a pornstar. When he first started fucking, this badass bro loved nothing more than to surprise the ladies with his huge dick. Bruno has taken his passion for pounding pink pussies and has quickly risen to become the go-to guy for deep space exploration. Bruno's all about the fresh meat, and springs to life when a hot little teen crosses his path. While his big cock speaks for itself, Bruno's a smooth-talker and brags that he can get almost any sexy seniorita to drop trou.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, Bruno dreamed of living a glamorous life like his heroes from American movies. Little did he know, Bruno's package would be his golden ticket to superstardom. The bald-headed, tattooed titan is proud of the life he's leading and thanks porn for providing him with ultimate education in pleasing the twat. "Starring in porn has made me a stronger fucker, an exceptional lover, and most importantly, a better man!"

When Bruno needs a break from drilling or deepthroating a young babe, he calls on his wolfpack to head out and tear it up. Cruising down the streets in a low-rider, these dudes hit up all the finest spots, macking on the pretty honeys at the club, throwing down in a high-stakes poker game, or smoking cigars by a rooftop pool. Bruno knows he's blessed and celebrates it daily. Want to join in on the party? Check out Bruno's videos at Digital Playground.

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