Juan Largo

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  • 170lb
  • 6'0"


Latin lover Juan Largo proves that sometimes good things do in fact come in large packages. This six foot stud has been swinging his huge cock on camera since 2009 and continues to impress every tight-twatted, bright-eyed babe that comes face to face with his dick. And Juan is notorious for spraying a big, messy load on his cum-hungry crush.

While the brown-haired, brown-eyed hombre derives great pleasure from prodding a hot, wet pussy, nothing gets this guy going like being on the receiving end of a deep-throated blowjob. Though many plump-lipped beauties are up for the challenge, swallowing Juan's long member can take some skill. "I never like making my co-stars gag, but if it just so happens, I have to take it as a compliment!"

Though Juan has quite the reputation for fucking big booties hard and fast, deep down, Mr. Largo claims to be a big ol' softy. Juan's always down for a candle-lit dinner with his lady or taking it nice and slow on the dance-floor, and has even admitted to watching the occasional romantic comedy. If Juan Largo sounds like the type of dude that you'd like to see getting down and dirty, check out his videos right here on Digital Playground.

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